Using “cookies”
“Cookies” are short text files or small packages of information stored on the Internet browser of your device (PC, tablet, laptop or cell phone) when you visit different websites and pages on the Internet. The main purpose of the “cookies” is to make the user recognizable when they return back to the Web site. Some cookies also have a more specific application, such as storing user behaviour on the site and making it easier for the user to use the Website. More information on how “cookies” work can be found on the Internet.

How are “cookies” used on this Website?
We use “cookies” on this Website primarily for the purpose of facilitating the usability of the site, improving its work, and storing information about user’s behaviour. No personal data is stored in this process, i.e. through the “cookies” of the site VINARSKA IZBA – KOPSA OOD (Château Copsa Winery Ltd.) cannot identify you as a person, so the collection of this information does not apply to the Personal Data Protection Act. The information collected from “cookies” is usually used in a generic way to analyse the user’s behaviour on the Website, which allows us to improve the site’s functionality, the user’s paths, and the content we use.

What “cookies” are used on this Website?

Session “cookies”
This type of cookies makes it easier for you to use the site, and they store information temporarily only within the session of your browser. Typically, the information that is stored through them is what products you have added to your e-shop cart, which pages of the site you’ve visited, and how you’ve accessed some information. These “cookies” do not collect information from your device and are automatically deleted when you leave the Website or end your session on your browser.

Permanent “cookies”
They enable us to store specific browsing information, such as analysing site visits, how you’ve reached the Website, what pages you’ve reviewed, what options you’ve chosen, and where you are going through this Website. Tracking this information enables us to improve the Website, including bug fixes and content expansion. The shelf life of this type of “cookie” varies according to its intended purpose.

Third Party “Cookies”
On our Website there are links to other sites or embedded content from other sites, for example from Facebook, partners’ websites of Château Copsa Winery Ltd. under the programme. It is possible that when visiting these sites or opening content from them, “cookies” from these websites to be stored on your device. These “cookies” are defined as “third party cookies”, as Château Copsa Winery Ltd. has no control over the generation and management of these “cookies”. This is why we encourage you to search for information about them and how to manage the third party websites.

How can I manage the use of “cookies” from this Website?
All browsers allow you to manage “cookies” from a specially designed folder on your browser. You can block the receipt of “cookies”, delete all or part of them, or set your “cookies” preference settings before initiating a visit to Keep in mind that deleting or blocking “cookies” may adversely affect the functionality of our Website and, hence, your experience as a user.

Disabling or blocking “cookies”
Controlling, disabling, or blocking cookies is governed by your browser settings. Below you will find links to useful information on the Internet on how to control “cookies” in different types of browsers. Keep in mind that a full ban on the use of all “cookies” may affect the site’s performance, its efficiency, and access to certain information. All “cookies” that are used on this Website are erased/deleted automatically after a certain period of time. This period varies up to 365 days according to the purpose of the particular “cookie”.